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High Temperature / High Pressure Cell

High technology products and modern industrial processes require in-situ analysis under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure.

The ability to recreate these conditions and spectroscopically analyse samples or monitor processes in the laboratory is provided by the Specac High Temperature / High Pressure Cell.

The cell has been designed for high optical throughput and allows simple interchange between its multi-purpose analysis configurations, Transmission, Reflectance and Decomposition (See figures 1, 2 and 3). Key: S = Sample W = Window

Product Features

  • Extreme Condition Spectroscopy – programmable controlled temperatures up to 800°C and pressures from vacuum to 1000 psi
  • Multi-purpose Analyzer – transmission, specular reflectance and decomposition
  • Optimised Design – permits easy interchange between analysis modes
  • Safe and reliable construction – rugged, durable construction incorporating safety approved electronics and safety burst disc