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Environmental Chamber

This accessory allows for the study of diffusely reflecting solid samples in a controlled atmosphere ranging from ambient temperature to 800°C, and vacuum (10-3 Torr) to 500 psi pressure.

The standard chamber window is ZnSe, which gives a good balance between IR transmission and mechanical strength. Other optical transmitting windows are available on request. The body is constructed from 316 stainless steel for ruggedness and chemical resistance. Safety features include a low voltage automatic power supply and an automatic shut-down feature, should the temperature sensor detect an overheating fault. A water cooling jacket keeps the outside of the chamber cool when operating at high temperatures and a safety “burst disk” activates whenever the pressure exceeds the recommended safety limit.

Product Features

  • Programmable controlled temperatures to 800ºC
  • Operates from vacuum (10 -3 Torr) to high  pressure (500 psi)
  • Provides controlled atmosphere (gas inlet and outlet)
  • Extensive safety features

Diffuse Reflectance Accessories