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The Selector

Diffuse reflectance is based upon the collection of radiation that has been diffusely scattered from the sample. The Specac Selector™ uses an optimized off axis optics configuration which selectively collects the diffusely reflected components, whilst minimizing the specular component.

Various sampling cups are offered including a standard 11 mm diameter cup, a micro 4 mm diameter cup, and tilted cups. The tilted cups allow for collection of total reflectance, diffuse and specular components. In addition, an abrasive sampler, 12 mm diameter, can be used with Diabrase pads to allow quick and easy sample preparation of intractable solids. The abrasive pad is simply rubbed against the sample of interest and mounted in The Selector™ accessory.

Product Features

  • Diffuse or total reflectance capabilities
  • Minimal alignment
  • Easy sample handling
  • Macro, micro and tilted cups
  • Diabrase synthetic diamond abrasive pads
  • Sampling expandability via special baseplate option

Diffuse Reflectance Accessories