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Variable Temperature Cell Holder

The Variable Temperature Cell Holder P/N GS21525 is the ideal accessory to use for the transmission study of liquid or solid samples at various temperatures ranging from -190ºC to 250ºC. The Variable Temperature Cell Holder consists of a vacuum jacket with two window ports and a set of windows (NaCl as standard) which contains a refrigerant dewar/cell holder assembly. Liquid or solid sample holders are inserted into the heating block part of the dewar/cell holder and the assembled cell is operated within a vacuum environment maintained by the outer jacket.

Using a combination of refrigerant and control from the cell block heaters any temperature from -190ºC to 250ºC can be achieved.

Product Features

  • Programmable controlled temperatures from -190ºC to 250ºC
  • Dewar cooling system
  • Heated Jacket windows to prevent condensation
  • Flow mode option kit for liquids
  • Solid sample gas exchange capability
  • Benchmark Baseplate or 3” x 2” mounting options