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Specular Reflectance Accessory

Specular reflectance is a non-destructive method for surface measurements using a mirror-like reflection from the shiny or semi-matt surface of a sample. Specular reflectance occurs when the reflected angle of infrared radiation equals the angle of incidence. The amount of light reflected depends on the angle of incidence, the refractive index, surface roughness and absorption properties of the sample.

The fixed angle specular reflectance accessory P/N GS19820 allows for a beam of radiation at a fixed angle of 30 degrees incidence to fall upon the surface of a solid material, in order to gain spectroscopic information on any surface layers of the flat solid sample. (Liquids or gums etc. cannot be analysed due to the orientation of the sample).

Product Features

  • 30º fixed angle
  • Convenient horizontal sample position
  • (20.8mm diameter full aperture)
  • Accommodates powder samples
  • Suitable for dispersive and large beam FT-IR
  • Minimal alignment