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Advanced Liquid Sampling Cells

There are many combinations for liquid cells and they can be provided as static sealed (P/N GS20500 series), static demountable (P/N GS20510 series), flow sealed (P/N’s GS20560 and GS20570 series) and flow demountable (P/N’s GS20580 and GS20590 series) versions.

When you order a particular version you will receive the complete cell with windows of choice and a spacer at pathlength of choice all assembled together. Sealed cells have a lead spacer and lead top gasket and all components are permanently amalgamated/sealed together.

Demountable cells have a PTFE spacer and PTFE top gasket and as such allow for windows and spacer pathlengths to be interchangeable within these version cells.

Product Features

  • Choice of pathlength
  • Sealed or demountable cells
  • Variety of window materials
  • Static or flow modes
  • Luer fittings and stainless steel plugs