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Omni-Cell System

The Omni-Cell™ System is a low cost novel approach to the analysis of liquid samples in transmission spectroscopy – one cell is suitable for all applications.

The cells are compatible with all FT-IR Spectrometers as well as older dispersive systems and can easily be configured for use as demountable liquid cells, permanently sealed liquid cells or as mull cells.

Transmission is a well established technique for analyzing samples in the infrared. The choice of window material, pathlength and window configuration are determined by the sample and wavelength range of interest. Samples can be analysed neat or diluted with an appropriate solvent.

Product Features

  • Quick to assemble and change windows
  • Windows and Spacers compatible with older Specac cells
  • FT-IR and Dispersive compatibility
  • Quick release clamping mechanism
  • Low cost and reliable
  • Wide choice of window materials