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Research Starter Kit

Specac provide a number of sampling kits for FT-IR spectroscopy. These off-the-shelf kits are composed of different combinations of infrared sampling accessories to equip a laboratory with the necessary spectroscopic accessories for specific or varied sample analysis.

Research Starter Kit consists of:

  1. Liquid Pack
  2. Basic Solid Pack
  3. Quest™ ATR ZnSe

Liquid Pack (Contents):

  1. Luer Syringe 2ml
  2. Omni-Cell™ assembly
  3. KBr windows (pair) for liquids
  4. CaF2 windows (pair) for liquids
  5. KBr windows (pair) for Mulls
  6. 10 off assorted PTFE Liquid Cell spacers
  7. 5 off PTFE 0.1mm Mull Cell spacers
  8. Bottle of Nujol (25ml)
  9. Bottle of Fluorolube (25ml)

Basic Solid Pack (Contents):

  1. Mini-Pellet Press (2T)
  2. 7mm Pellet Die with Pellet Ring Holder
  3. 7mm spare Pellet Ring Holder
  4. Pestle and Mortar
  5. KBr Powder (50g)
  6. 7mm Disc Holder with rectangular mount