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Vacuum Pump System

Vacuum pump system for evacuable dies.

The vacuum pump P/N GS03640 is a two stage vacuum pump capable of pulling a vacuum to 0.05 Torr or better. It is an ideal vacuum pump to use with the Specac Accessories that have the capability of being operated under these vacuum conditions. It is designed for normal starting in low temperature and low voltage conditions. (Typically temperatures at or above 5°C with a +/- 10% rated voltage).

An air passage prevents any pump oil from returning into the pipeline or vacuum vessel being pumped after the vacuum pump is stopped. There is an inbuilt oil mist eliminating device and it has an oil/gas separator at the air exhaust outlet which removes any oil contamination in the air exhaust. The pump operates at a high ultimate vacuum with low noise.


  • No of stages: 2
  • Free Air Displacement: 85 litres/min at 220 volts operation
  • Ultimate vacuum: 15 microns
  • Pump motor: 0.25 HP
  • Pump speed: 2880 rpm (220Volts), 3440 rpm (110Volts)
  • Electrical connectivity: 220Volts/50Hz, 110Volts/60Hz
  • Oil capacity: 400mls
  • Maximum operating temperature capability: 80°C
  • Minimum operating temperature capability: 1°C
  • Overall width (side to side dimension): 150mm
  • Overall length (front to back dimension): 350mm
  • Overall height (to top of handle): 250mm