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Tornado™ T5 / T10 / T20

The Tornado™ series is the ideal choice for analysts requiring a fixed, long pathlength gas cell for routine applications. Based on the White cell principle of multiple light passes between an arrangement of reflecting mirrors, Tornado™ series is available in three sizes:

  • Tornado™ T5 Pathlengths ranging from 1m to 8m in 1m steps
  • Tornado™ T10 Pathlengths ranging from 2.1m to 10.6m in 1.06m steps
  • Tornado™ T20 Pathlengths ranging from 2m to 20m in 2m steps

Tornado™ series gas cells are suitable for operation in all modern FT-IR spectrometers using the Specac Benchmark™ baseplate provided as standard.

Product Features

  • Wide pathlength range (1m – 20m)
  • Vacuum to 15 psi operation
  • Ambient temperature operation
  • Borosilicate glass body
  • Anodised components
  • Gold mirrors (protected)
  • Viton™ ‘O’ ring seals
  • KBr, ZnSe or CaF2 windows
  • Purgeable transfer optics box
  • Benchmark™ series baseplate mounting


  • Cell body material: Borosilicate glass
  • Pressure range: Vacuum to 15 psi
  • Temperature range: Ambient
  • Mirrors: Gold (protected)
  • Windows: KBr, ZnSe or CaF2
  • Inlet/outlet tubing: 1/4˝
  • ‘O’ rings: Viton®
  • Internal components: Anodised aluminium & stainless steel
  • Transfer optics: Aluminium mirrors in purgeable optics box
  • Cell mount: Benchmark™ series baseplate