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Mini Film-Maker Kit

The Specac Mini Film-maker Kit is designed to produce high-quality thin films of polymer and plastic materials for infrared transmission analysis. This product enables quick and easy hot pressing of pellets and other sample forms from ambient to 250°C, to give constant and reproducible thickness films over the range 15 to 500 microns with a formed diameter of 15 mm.

The accessory consists of an integrated hydraulic press, digital temperature controller, and heated platens, together with a lightweight film maker assembly.

This design allows the heated platens to be preheated and held at the melt-point temperature required for the sample. The film-maker assembly is separately prepared with a few tens of milligrams of the sample material and appropriate sizing ring, before being introduced to the pre-heated platens.

Product Features

  • Quick and reproducible thin film production
  • Sample melt points from ambient to 250°C
  • Standard film sizing rings of 15, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 microns producing 15mm dia. films
  • Dedicated film maker accessory with hydraulic press and integrated heated platens
  • Cycle time 5 mins


  • Maximum load – 2 Tons
  • Temperature range Ambient to – 250°C
  • Temperature control – 1°C steps
  • Thin film formed diameter – 15 mm
  • Thin film thickness 15, 25, 50, 100, 250 & 500 microns (nominal)
  • Press dimensions 104mm×198mm×197mm
  • (W×H×L) (excluding lead screw)
  • Weight of press and controller – 5.7Kg
  • Supply voltage – 110/220V
  • Output voltage – 30V DC
  • Heater power – 35W