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FT-IR Individual Application Packs

Our individual application packs are built around a range of key accessories which have a proven track record:

  • Liquid Pack
  • Basic Solid Pack
  • Advanced Solid Pack
  • Gas Pack
  • Quest™ ATR

Liquid Pack: The versatile Omni-Cell™ System is at the core of the Liquid Pack which contains all the essential accessories that a spectroscopist needs for the analysis of liquids, gums and pastes.

Basic Solid Pack: This pack is built around the Mini-Pellet Press and includes all the necessary tools for the preparation of 7mm diameter KBr pellets. The mini-Pellet Press’ hydraulic operation enables the pressing of high quality KBr pellets and the integral pressure gauge ensures repeatability. This lightweight, portable KBr sample press has a small footprint and can be transported to different work stations or easily stored.

Advanced Solid Pack: The Specac 15T Manual Hydraulic Press has been a workhorse in laboratories around the world for many years and is the central accessory of the Advanced Solids Pack; the other accessories included in this pack include everything required to produce 13mm KBr pellets.

Gas Pack: The Storm™ 10cm Pyrex gas cell is the ideal choice for measuring the infrared spectra of concentrated gases, gas mixtures and vapours (>1% levels). Also included in the Gas Pack are KBr windows, all necessary seals and a cell mount.

Quest™ ATR: The flexibility of ATR is now well known and the Specac Quest™ ATR accessory provides flexibility through its interchangeable crystal pucks with a choice of Diamond, Extended Range Diamond, ZnSe, or Ge crystals.