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Mini Pellet Press

The Specac Mini-Pellet Press is an innovative low cost solution for the pressing of 7mm KBr pellets. Designed for use on a laboratory bench top, this dedicated KBr pellet press enables the user to create consistently high quality KBr pellets for transmission FT-IR analysis.

Product Features

  • Hydraulic operation enables all users to make high quality KBr pellets
  • Integrated pressure gauge ensures consistent pellet quality
  • Fast and simple process to get from sample to IR results
  • Simple operation requires minimal training
  • Small and lightweight


  • Maximum Load – 2 Tons
  • Pellet Die Diameter – 7 mm
  • Maximum space between pressing faces – 50mm
  • Minimum space between pressing faces – 12mm
  • Piston Stroke – 0.5mm
  • Die Assembly Material – hardened 440C stainless steel
  • Weight – 4.2Kg
  • Upper pressing area (top lead screw diameter) – 17.0mm
  • Lower pressing area (piston diameter) – 21.6mm
  • Dimension (ex. lead screws) LxHxW – 110 x 200 x 155mm
  • Dimension (inc. lead screws) LxHxW – 110 x 265 x 215mm