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Heated Platens

The Atlas® Heated Platens have been designed to provide heatable pressing surfaces compatible with all Specac Hydraulic Presses. The platens are easily installed by replacing the bolster fixing of the press by the top platen and placing the bottom platen over the lower pressing face of the press. The platens have a large surface area, are rugged, durable and have full CE safety approval. They are fitted with a permanent thermocouple which monitors the temperature close to the pressing surface. The press connection ports are water cooled which allows for an efficient heating and cooling cycle.

The platens are controlled by a digital automatic temperature controller with a stability of ± 1ºC

Product Features

  • Digital temperature display
  • Controlled temperature to 300ºC with water cooling
  • 15 Ton load bearing capacity
  • CE Safety Approved
  • 100mm diameter pressing surface
  • Compatible with all Specac Hydraulic Presses