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Storm™ 10cm Gas Cell

These gas cells are ideal for analyzing gases and vapors at room temperature and low pressures. Gases and gaseous mixtures can be examined in static or flow modes.

The cells consist of threaded cylindrical vessels with end caps, window seals and removable windows. The cell bodies are available in Pyrex™ and stainless steel.

Pyrex™, PTFE taps, valves and glass cone connectors (10-19 taper) are used for the Pyrex™ cells while stainless steel and Viton™ sealed valves with barbed hose connections are used for the stainless steel cells to introduce samples into these cells.

Product Features

  • Demountable for ease of cleaning and window replacement
  • Choice of cell material: stainless steel or Pyrex™
  • Choice of window materials
  • Window diameter: 47mm
  • Clear aperture: 39mm
  • Two ports for static or flow experiments
  • Slide mounted cell holder
  • Cell volume; 0.125 litres