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25 Reflection ATR

The 25 Reflection Variable Incidence ATR (P/N GS11000) is a vertically mounted ATR crystal accessory capable of being operated for a crystal incidence angle of between 30º to 60º. The angle of incidence for the crystal is quickly and easily selected by rotation of a knurled adjustment screw. This moves the sample holder and crystal assembly to the correct position when the back face of the holder is in line with the required angle setting as indicated on the graduated plate.

The standard crystal holder (P/N GS11001) supplied with the ATR Accessory is for solid samples, but a liquids holder (P/N GS11003) and a paste holder (P/N GS11002) are available on request. Although the sample holder and crystal assembly can be positioned between the angles of 30º to 60º, it is only when the holder and crystal assembly are correctly aligned at the 45º angle, that 25 internal reflections are obtained within the crystal.

Product Features

  • Variable angle of incidence (30º- 60º)
  • 25 Reflections
  • Suitable for both FT-IR and dispersive instruments
  • Two pin sample location on sample mount
  • Standard 3” x 2” slide mounting
  • Choice of crystal materials; KRS-5 as standard
  • Interchangeable sample holders (solids, liquids and pastes)