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Advanced Solid Sampling Cells

There are two types of solids holder, P/N GS20600 and P/N GS20610. P/N GS20600 is used in the Electrical Heating Jacket P/N GS20730. The body has a fixed size aperture of 10mm and hence solid samples can be analysed from 12mm to 28mm dia. and up to 3mm thick.

P/N GS20610 is used in the Variable Temperature Cell Holder P/N GS21525. The solids holder consists of outer and inner cell threaded bodies and three pairs of pressure plates. The varying aperture sizes of the pressure plates enable samples with a diameter of 12 -17mm, 17- 22mm and 22 -30mm and thicknesses of a few microns to 8mm thick to be analysed. Both of the solids holders do not require any windows for operation.