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Thermostatic Bath

Thermostatic baths for temperature control.

These thermostatic baths are designed to supply accurately temperature controlled fluid to any thermo-circulated accessory that requires temperature control. They can be used from ambient temperature up to 120°C. They can also be used with certain accessories that require a source of cooling water but are not able to be sited near to a water source. In this case the heating system is not used and the integral pump simply circulates the water back to the bath. Note that the bath water will need to be replaced with cold water at intervals dependant on the amount of heating being removed from the accessory. The 12 litre tank is recommended for this application.


  • Temperature range: 0°C to 120°C
  • Stability, stainless steel tanks @ 37°C +/- 0.02°C
  • Uniformity, stainless steel tanks @ 37°C +/- 0.05°C
  • Setting resolution: 0.1°C
  • Display: 4 digit 13 mm LED
  • Display resolution: 0.1°C
  • Timer function: 1 to 9999 mins
  • No. stored temperature values: 4