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DC-3 Diamond Compression Cell

The DC-3 diamond compression cell enables samples to be compressed to an ideal thickness for transmission experiments. It uses two type single crystal diamond windows, each mounted into a Hastelloy plate. The clear aperture of 1.5 mm diameter provides excellent signal throughput when positioned at the beam focus of an FT-IR spectrophotometer using an MCT detector. For optimum performance with a DTGS detector, the Microfocus Beam Condenser P/N GS02560 (with ZnSe lenses) or P/N GS02561 (with KRS-5 lenses) is recommended to be used with the DC-3 in order to obtain high quality spectra.

The DC-3, because of its small size and shape can also be used with Infrared Microscopes, where the large aperture allows for more than one sample to be loaded and compressed at one time.

Product Features

  • Type IIIa flat diamond windows
  • Large clear aperture 1.5mm
  • Hastelloy body construction (3” x 2” x 9/16”, 76.2 x 50.8 x 14.3mm)
  • Universal use with FT-IR microscopes and
  • Microfocus Beam Condenser
  • High working pressure, high throughput