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Variable Pathlength Cell

The Variable Pathlength Cells P/N GS07500 Series allow for liquids to be studied over a range of pathlengths obtainable from one cell. The pathlength range is adjustable from 0.040mm to 6.000mm in increments of 0.005mm by  anticlockwise rotation of an outer sleeve cap assembly about the cell body that separates the windows of the cell. Micrometer and vernier scales are marked
on the cell body for accurate pathlength setting and readability.

The windows of the cell do not rotate in relation to the movement of the outer sleeve cap assembly with the cell body and hence remain parallel to each other throughout the pathlength range. Choice of window materials allows for the study of many liquid sample types and there is a standard 3” x 2” mount fixing, such that the cell can be used in a very wide range of spectrometer systems.

Product Features

  • Continuous adjustment of sample pathlength
  • Micrometer and vernier scales for accurate pathlength setting and readability
  • Standard 3” x 2” slide mounting
  • Non-rotating windows
  • Pathlength variation: 0.04-6mm
  • Scale division: 5μm
  • Volume at maximum pathlength: 6ml