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The Specamill™ grinding accessory is designed to mix a solid sample with an excess of KBr powder for the preparation of powder samples prior to compression into KBr pellets for IR study. It can also be used in preparing samples for diffuse reflectance spectroscopy. The target particle size of the sample is at least 0.025mm (if not smaller) to coincide with the wavelength of light in the classical Mid IR region. Final particle size will depend specifically on the actual sample and the mixture proportions and the amount of time being applied for the grinding process.

There are two capsule sets that can be used within the Specamill™ grinding accessory P/N GS06000. One capsule set P/N GS06200 is an agate capsule set and the other P/N 6100 is a stainless steel capsule set.

Product Features

  • Rapid grinding
  • Choice of capsule and sphere materials
  • Adjustable vibration
  • Timer with manual override
  • Grinding and blending a wide variety of materials
  • Sample preparation for KBr pellets
  • Sample preparation for diffuse reflectance spectroscopy